Alolan Raichu


Why Im Moving In Here

Theres this really fascinating difference in reading blogposts on Neocities versus reading anything on any other social media. I find often I want people to just shut up on socials. I check the trending tab and see a weirdly invasive article about a celebritys love life and feel drained from just gleaning the words from my screen. I spam click to get through peoples instagram stories, especially if anything is longer than a single sentence.

And then I go on Neocities and see people writing out text posts, manifestos, essays, diary entries, changelogs, tutorials, reviews, shrines...

You might be able to argue that because users have the ability to decorate and layout their website that the unique graphic interest makes things more bearable to read, but funnily enough its the sites mostly made of text I end up reading the most.

When people are able to speak in the format of their choice it all just becomes such a captivating subject. The unique structure in how we introduce things, committing to an aesthetic, vibe, or emotion to its entirety instead of trying to force everything into condensed buzzwords, the pure passion people have on their websites...

I want that for myself and my passions. Ive found from using social media as my primary internet use platform, Ive unconsciously been trying to package myself into a one-sided persona. I had a huge pressure on myself to upload art frequently, and because most of my human interaction came from the internet, a day felt like a week, and I would be pushing myself to post ANYTHING as soon as possible. Social media (and a couple other things) has snuffed out my creativity and ability to experiment. Yadda Yadda you get the picture. Most likely you experienced something similar.

So I think its just so cool how people put whatever they want on their website because... they want it there! No worries about catering to an audience, no nonsense about 'consistency.' Just a digital space people freely decorate and express themselves in! As much or as little as they want! I so frequently have found myself going 'well theres no gain or purpose for this so I wont get it or do it,' but theres nothing to lose so why not put that blinkie or pet on your page!

Of course, I find myself doing this with things in the real world or with bigger things suuuppper often. Like for a really long time Ive been considering a neocities page, but thought, 'Yeah but what would I use it for??' For so many things I will be like 'I want to make a thing!' with absolutely no idea what to make the thing about.

Wanting to make a thing is enough of a reason to make a thing.

Huzzah to creative freedom! Huzzah to ye olde web! Huzzah!!!!